Karen, I think you are completing missing the point of of what dunning is.

Thank you, Bennick, for your very thoughtful reply. Perhaps I have misread sections of this article. For instance the quote below appears to me to be saying that, no don’t send email notifications, just check with card issuing companies and update their credit card info to keep their subscription without their knowledge.

“5 years ago, it was a good idea to give customers a heads up 30 days, 15 days, 3 days before their card expired. You could plug a potential leak before it became an issue.
Today, just check with your payments provider to see if they have partnerships with card issuing companies.
In the case of Stripe (and many others), they have something called “Card Updater.” It communicates with Visa, MasterCard, and others to update cards in your account automatically. It’s not fully implemented worldwide, and it’s already effective for over 70% of cards that look like they’re going to expire.”

If I have misread this, and there was some email notification somewhere, then I happily stand corrected.

But I am personally aware of several companies who do update card information without notification. It is this action that I find reprehensible.

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