David Bowie: Musical Genius, Gender-Bending Icon, Alleged Perpetrator of Sexual Violence
Britni de la Cretaz

I’m sorry, but this is really a load of crap. The 70’s were run by significantly different social rules than the world we live in today. Who are you to take away the then-15-year-old, now an adult’s agency to determine for herself what that experience was? It’s literally only within the past 100 years or so in THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF MANKIND that 14 year olds weren’t considered “marriageable”. Have people always historically raped and abused young women/people? Yes of course they have, and those actions are deplorable. But not every single sexual encounter that’s occurred historically with women who were post-menarcheal who were below the age of 16 can automatically be classified as rape. And screaming “RAPIST!!” two days after the death of a thoughtful, profound artist/being who acted within the mores of a very different era and who clearly did not demonstrate a lifelong predilection toward predatory behavior is shallow, self-serving and, frankly, gross. Expand your understanding of the world already.

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