2 Ways To Reach Financial Freedom

Let’s talk about FINANCIAL FREEDOM and what it means.

Often when we think about financial freedom we think in terms of BIG numbers (which I’m all for, don’t worry!) but we don’t stop to look at what our current needs are.

First of all, do you KNOW your FINANCIAL FREEDOM number? I want you to do some maths (and if you work with me you will soon LOVE to work with your figures and have fun!) and work out your financial freedom figure. This is the figure you need to give you an independent life, where your bills/housing/living costs are met of course and then the amount in addition to that you want for other things.

When I first did this exercise I came up with 2 figures; one was the MINIMUM I needed to have financial freedom and live the lifestyle that I wanted, and the other figure was the high-end, jet-set, 5-star lifestyle that I want too.

When I do this exercise with my clients they often realise that their FREEDOM FIGURE is FAR LESS than they imagined! This is why it’s always a good idea to get up close and personal with your figures in every situation. Their life of FREEDOM wasn’t as far away as they thought it was.

From that starting point, it’s just a matter of up-levelling to reach the ULTIMATE life and lifestyle that you want. You have to start somewhere and it’s better to start living the life you want, even with a smaller budget and then STEP into the bigger goals you have for your lifestyle than to wait until you have that BIG FIGURE that you think you need.

I want you to do that exercise.

Next up are 2 more way to financial freedom.

This is one of my missions for all my clients and that is to be in a place where they NEVER do anything that they don’t want to for money.When you are dong something you don’t love in exchange for money there is NO amount of money big enough to make up for spending part of your life on things you don’t love. You know I’ve been there myself and I can whole-heartedly tell you that ONLY doing what you love for money is a FAR more freeing and healthy way to live. THAT’S financial freedom. It can take guts to turn down money from the wrong sources, but if you keep saying yes to the wrong things you don’t leave room to say YES to the right things.

ANOTHER way to financial freedom is by working on your ABUNDANCE MINDSET. You know the power of your mind; EVERYTHING that you have and want in your life, without exception, begins in your mind first and foremost. YOU are the creator. You are NOT a victim of outside influences.

This is why MINDSET work is SO important. It takes you out of victim mode where things happen TO you. When you have developed a strong mindset then you are in a far STRONGER position to move forward in the direction of your goals.

When you have worked on your MONEY MINDSET you step out of worrying about money (worrying about money doesn’t do a thing to help your bank balance!) and into a place of confidence and certainty.

When you work on your MONEY MINDSET you start to let go of the NEGATIVE thoughts you have about money — the thoughts that are keeping you stuck in one place with your money problems, and you become more OPEN to your financial possibilities and your personal financial POWER.

If you aren’t in the place you want to be with your finances and you aren’t making the money that you want I HIGHLY recommend you make room to work on your financial freedom EVERY day.

I know there are so many ways we put big, fat, blocks on our financial success especially the money stories we tell ourselves and that’s why I’m helping you with my NEW training HEAL YOUR MONEY STORY

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Get ready to change your relationship with money forever.

Heal Your Money Story is based on the mindset and beliefs around creating wealth and also the actions you need to take. I can help you gain the strength, courage and determination to create a life of freedom and making the money that you want.

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Believe more is possible,

Karen x

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