Still hating Mondays…

This is for you if you a dreading what you are going to be doing tomorrow, and likely for the rest of the week…

I want you to remember that the basis of our lives is FREEDOM.

It took me many, many years of struggle, depression and quiet desperation to realise that I didn’t need anyone’s permission to do what I wanted. I don’t want you to waste another day of your life like that!

We are free to choose what we want to do, who we want to be and how we want to live.

The only thing that is stopping you from the creating a life where you LOVE every day (and not just live for the weekends) is YOU.

You don’t believe it can be different.

You don’t believe it can be different for YOU.

You are scared to take a leap even if it IS towards the life you want.

You fear failure. You can’t fail at life and following your heart. You aren’t given dreams and ambitions just so you can IGNORE THEM!

You concern yourself with what other people say. When you allow that to happen you are making those people the GOD of you and putting them in charge of your life.

By the way, no-one can tell you how you can and can’t live your life. No-one has that right. Don’t take on their limited thinking! I’ve had a couple of people over the years tell me I’m not ready. Unfortunately, I listened to the first person and didn’t do what I REALLY wanted to do. I learnt quickly and ignored the second person who thought they knew my limitations.

If you don’t the like reality you have created for yourself now, then it’s time to create something different. Something more exciting. Something where you get to fully express yourself every day. Something where you don’t dread certain days of the week.

No-one is going to create what you want for you; it’s all down to you.

When I work with my amazing clients, I help them shake of the shackles of the mind (for everything begins in the mind before it’s created in our reality), dump the ‘shoulds’ and other people’s thoughts and the rules that bind them in life.

Everything you want can be yours WHEN you decide to believe it, and of course take action.

Karen x

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