The Scarcity-Cycle & How To End It

If there aren’t enough reasons for you to practice an abundance mindset, then here’s something else I want you to consider when it comes tomaking money and being financially independent.

If you are living with a scarcity mindset, it’s going to rob you of a big chunk of your mental capacity. If your mind is focused on lack, lack and more lack, you aren’t giving attention to other areas, in your life (including your finances) and they will begin to suffer.

The trouble with not having enough money is that it troubles the mind.

Faced with the same life decisions we must all make day-to-day, you are more likely to make different decisions when you don’t have enough money compared to when you do have enough. Your decisions, and therefore your actions and outcomes, will differ when you are either suffering from scarcity or you are living in abundance.

I know that was the case for me when I was in scarcity-mode, and I’m certain I made decisions I wouldn’t have if I had been abundance money-wise, or had an abundance mindset. With hindsight I dare say most of those decisions KEPT me in a poverty mindset and put a delay on me turning my fortune around.

Let’s just say there is a Scarcity Tax to pay; not in cash as such (but ultimately, yes, cash), but in your mindset and the psychological changes being in scarcity (literally and figuratively) brings about which then manifest into the actions that you take that come from that scarcity mindset.

That’s why people can get caught in the poverty-cycle and the scarcity-cycle. Their mental energy is preoccupied on wondering; how will I pay my mortgage, how will I afford food this week, what if a financial emergency occurs? These types of thoughts are far less likely to occur when in abundance when there is enough money.

In short, when money is short, we don’t always make the best decisions for ourselves.

What to do about it? You can’t keep burying your head in the sand, and hope that it’ll be alright. It’s time to get up close and personal with your finances. It’s time to examine the situation you find yourself in to see what’s causing it, because there IS a cause. Once you have found the cause, you can then take the action and make the change and get out of scarcity and into abundance again.

I’m on a mission to empower more women, and men, through financial education, motivation and inspiration, so you are going to hear a lot more money talk coming up as I help more creators and leaders step into their financial power.

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Karen x

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