Just Go!

On the Hornblower heading to the foot of Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls, Ontario)

I’ve always wanted to travel outside of the U.S. A few years ago, I visited my cousin in London for 10 days. Mostly, my travel has been within the U.S. Not too long ago, I realized that I would have to be more intentional about traveling. It wouldn’t happen on its own. This meant I would have to stop waiting for the right time — when someone could travel with me, student loans to be paid off, a decrease in workload, or anything else; real or imagined.

Many months ago, two of my older work colleagues; one who just retired and the other who will retire in a few years, gave me great advice about travel. Having been on this earth longer than myself, I was open to their wisdom. It was quite simple, they said, “Just go!”

Sometimes my colleagues travel with a companion but most times they travel alone. When going solo, their secret was escorted travel. While they left home alone, they would not be alone. They would be with a group of travelers and led by a tour guide. They figured out when they wanted to go, selected a destination and off they went. These days it’s even easier as everything is online. They encouraged me not to wait.

My colleagues also recommended Gate 1 Travel. I trusted their judgement as they were just as, if not more, particular than me. Knowing them and their standards, any company that they suggested would be good. They also believed that I would love the group tour experience.

So here I am, having my first group tour experience with Gate 1 Travel. I am touring Eastern Canada which includes Toronto, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Quebec City and Montreal.