Blogger Lanette Espy of OooLaLaBlog Gives Five Keys To Being A Successful Blogger

karen warren
Jan 5 · 4 min read

Lanette Espy a.k.a “La La” is an award-winning journalist, blogger and media personality. In 2011, Lanette created her very own entertainment platform,, and she built her own social media following of more than 200K

This New Jersey native has been featured on TMZ Live!, WBGO 88.3 FM, Hot 98.1 FM, and more. Throughout her journalism and blogging career, Lanette has interviewed many celebrities, reality stars, athletes and politicians, and she has covered all sorts of events, from the BET Experience in Los Angeles to Nas’ listening party in Queens, NY. This blogger extraordinaire recently locked down a full-time gig as a digital producer, and in the future, she looks forward to publishing her first book.

  1. There are hundreds of celebrity gossip bloggers, travel bloggers, mommy bloggers, fashion bloggers, etc. But, never let that stop you from sharing your blogging gift with the world. Once establishing your specific niche, ask yourself: “how can I stand out from the crowd? What do I have to bring that’s different and why would people be interested in what I have to say?” You have to add value to what you publish and create your own unique voice so you can build up a loyal following. Create a new series, new topics, and add some originality to your content. Also, make your blog stand out with branding. Pick and use the same color scheme, template design, font, logo, and use it consistently so when readers see your posts being shared, they know where it originally came from.

2) This connects with my first point in ways to stand out … don’t be afraid to voice your opinion and show your personality. Readers/followers love knowing a little about the face behind the blog so they have someone to connect with. Be authentic, be you and have fun with it!

3) Network, network, NETWORK! It’s super important to collaborate with other people in your field. Network with other bloggers, PR people, celebrities, podcasters, YouTuber’s, etc. Reach out to fellow bloggers online and don’t be afraid to ask if you could write a guest post on their website. Writing guest posts on other blogs is smart because usually you can leave a link back to your own website which will not only help you gain exposure but will bring some traffic back to your own blog. Don’t forget to “like,” comment and share other people’s content as well. Social media is all about engaging, so you also have to show your followers some love. You get further in this industry when you team up, help, learn and promote one another. Attend different industry events, get your face and your brand out there, and bring business cards so people remember you! And, don’t forget to actually reach out to the people you meet at these events. Email them and link up online. Trust me, that goes a long way when it comes to building connections.

4) Don’t just rely on social media to grow and maintain your blog. Although you should secure your blog name on all social media sites, social media shouldn’t be the only thing you rely on when it comes to growing your following. I always say this, but we don’t own our content on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. All bloggers should have their own website and email newsletter. Start growing your email list right away and secure your .com URL. Social media is a great addition to grow your fanbase and make money. But, if social media were to vanish today, where else would your followers find you? Where else could you make blog money? Always make sure you have a place where you own your content. And, don’t just stop there. Venture out into creating and selling your own products, merch, blogging classes, e-books, etc. The possibilities are endless when it comes to expanding your brand and making money from it.

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: @OooLaLaBlog

YouTube channel: OooLaLa Blog// Personal Instagram: @officialnjlala

5) Soak in everything you can about the industry. Attend seminars, take an online social media or audience engagement course to brush up on your skills, learn from people who have been in the industry for years, and stay on top of new social media sites and trends. LinkedIn offers a variety of social media courses, offers free coding classes, gives out awesome entrepreneur and blog tips, and take advantage of free business classes that may be offered at local community centers and libraries. There’s so much to learn out there! Your brand is your baby and it’s on you to nurture it and make it flourish. And, last but not least, don’t forget to help out other newbies. Remember, we’ve all been there before. It doesn’t hurt to pass along tips and advice. If you need to ask me a question, I’m only a DM away. And yes, I actually read and respond to my DM’s.

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