Why Life Is Like a Time Bomb
Chase Lean

Chase! Another story that makes me so proud of you! All excellent points you have made. I have never taken life for granted. I live in a perpetual state of gratitude. However, on April 10, 2017, I was in a potentially deadly, auto accident. Mine was the only vehicle involved, and three physicians have said that the head injury I received, should have killed me. I got to go home after my emergency room visit, and am recovering well.

I now have a renewed zest for life!

I, now, encourage anyone that will listen to call out to their higher power. Mine just happens to be called God. As I hung from that seat belt, unable to move, I heard a car coming. And then, I heard that car pass. In that moment, I was overcome by FEAR. For a short period of time, It robbed me of my HOPE. I then began to pray. At once, my fear was relieved and I realized there was a light! This light enabled me to see that I could wiggle a few inches within the seat belt, and reach down and find my phone. I was then able to call 911. I absolutely know that God provided that light in the dark (even though it came from my kindle, which had slid out of my bag and onto the floorboards). There is so much more to this story, but I have made my point here…fear is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real! If I spend all my time in fear, worrying about what ‘could’ happen, then I am allowing myself to be robbed of my happiness and my hope. I believe there is nothing more powerful than hope, except love. I relish the joy I feel as I look to the future. Hope is one of the base building blocks of our essential life skills. Without it, there is very little to motivate us to move forward. I refuse to live like that.

There are incredible things in this world that I cannot experience, nor participate in, if I am allowing my life to be lived in fear. Fear harvests hope. Fear blocks happiness. I refuse to play the what-if game. I believe that when you are handed lemons, you make lemonade. And, I love lemonade! I utilize my life skills to ensure that I plan for the worst, yet, I hope for the best. I set goals, save for a rainy day, pay my insurance, faithfully, and live every day to it’s fullest! Just as it sounds like you do! L’Chaim!

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