i had two large projects to work on starting february and ending 15th march. so much to do, procrastination is my disease of choice, and so little time, because i want to continue playing jigsaw puzzles online and read all these interesting, informative, exciting books/information on paper and screen. so something has to give, right? voila, easy choice actually. give up on reading the few information sites i subscribe to. to which i subscribe. no politics for the past 6 weeks. spent in blissful ignorance of all the traumas afflicting the world. nothing. did not pursue anything. well maybe a few medium and fb and twit-ter posts. saved some, but who knows whether i’ll ever get to them. and, rather than suffering withdrawal symptoms……..my mind is less cluttered, my eyes are wide open, and i’m looking forward to jumping into the fray, well dipping a toe, and following the stories that interest me. the downfall of neo liberal economics, the healing of our planet, the rise of anarchist thought, the sad plight of one of the most beautiful creatures — indian tigers. i think i will schedule a 4 week rest period at least thrice a year.

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