olympics olympics

rah rah rah

so the olympics, as always is hot news. from national socialists (don’t tell me they don’t exist, we all know better) to social democrats to dyed in the hard neoliberal capitalists, and all cults between.

everybody, well not me and other like-minded entities, i repeat everybody is following what happens, or does not happen in rio. rio. rio de janeiro, the land of hot babes with a brazillian wax job, yeah yeah yeah. she was a showgirl, in the copacabana………and land of beautiful beaches, jam packed with beautiful people.

there as many opinions slanted in as many different ways as there are political, and not so political groups and individuals.

to the brilliant taiwanese animators — i cannot find their names anywhere

and all those in between, saying please, everybody knows this is a crying shame, to clown a cliche. did i mean crown? coin? must be the last, because it all boils down to coin, doesn’t it.

so, my revered and admired friends on facebook, well some of them, and i am not being sarcastic or satirical, what appeared to incense them was the fact of the olympics.

yes, we all know the olympics are business/profit oriented; whichever side of the equation you fall upon, we all agree that it is about money. and some would say about ‘democracy’ — that much vaunted political system ‘invented’ by the greeks, those masters of philosophical thought who did not count women and slaves as human. but, another story.

and certain segments of the population, who i will not name, post videos of the pollution and focus on the olympics as ……what? capitalist pig dogs selling their wares? as it happens, i agree. it is a money making scheme.

tell you what bothers me the most. the fucking pollution. and that a bright and glaring spotlight has been put upon the pollution.

a spotlight that should not have waited for so long to reveal the state of the toity brazillian beaches.

hoity — from hoity-toity — also hoity-toity, the 1660s, “riotous behaviour,” from earlier highty tighty “frolicsome, flighty,”

this is what i find incendiary. appalling. awful. disgusting.

and that the poverty-stricken brazilians live with this every day of their lives.

i made a conscious decision, many years ago, that i would not give the olympics my attention. not that i ever did, but this was a conscious and deliberate decision.

and now i can return to my slumber party. can you?

peace and prosperity