vaccination schedule for children


Vaccination is a way through which you can guard your child against all the life-threatening diseases. Many children suffer and face death due to lack of vaccinations. The evolution of vaccines has made them even more safe and effective for adults as well as children. Vaccination is the best…

Air pollution is the source of Food Pollution

Are you thinking how Air Pollution affecting our food?

Pollution and it’s entry in our Food-web

Pick up the newspaper- All you read is about adulterated food, dyes in foods, pesticides, insecticides, Growth Hormone injections, and the recently heard of Chinese Vegetables. Did anyone from our ancestors could ever think…

Time to stop smoking

Are you playing the Smoke, or is the Smoke playing you?

You want to be friends with someone; you need to go out for a Smoke. There is a lot of tension, you need a Smoke. You are frustrated, you need a smoke. You are bored, you need a Smoke…

Depression causing heart diseases in women


Heart disease is becoming very common in women now a days and it is life threatening but with precautionary measures such as exercising, eating healthy diet can help to prevent heart diseases, one should understand the difference in symptoms among men and women which…

Despite the improvements in the modern cardiovascular therapy, the morbidity and the unhealthy state of women’s cardiac health remains significant. Heart disease is not exclusive to men as women also fall prey to it. It is fatal for both. A report by the Registrar General of India on the “Causes…


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