How Japanese onsen changed my feelings about my body

Traveling to Japan is always an eye opening experience. The food, the esthetics, the clean streets, the generosity of the people is always something to look up too and aspire too.

Despite all that, I didn’t expect to have these kind of thoughts sitting naked in an Onsen.

You see, although I have German roots, my curves are completely meditiranian, and comparing to the average Japanese body, well, you know.

Going to the onsen if so can be an awkward occasion and one need some guts to walk fully naked among other ladies which their pants size is a size she didn’t wear even when She was 4yo. ( true story )

Surprisingly, and despite all my concerns, my experience was completely opposite.

Seeing so many kinds of women:

Tall and short

Skinny and chubby

Asian and western


Old and young

Big boobs and small boobs

Big butts and tiny butts

Hairy and smooth

That moment I realized how far is what we see every day on TV is what the real women body looks like. None of the bodies in that Onsen looked like the bodies we constantly see over Facebook,Instagram or snapchat. There were no filters, some flaws and it was still so, so beautiful.

When I left the onsen I left there my insecurity about my body and its flaws as well. I left there my judgment about things I can’t change about myself. Promising myself to bring my daughter one day to an Onsen, so she can also learn to love herself, just like I did.