What I learned this week

I’ve decided to start documenting cool stuff that I’ve learned over the past week. Mainly for myself, but maybe others will find it interesting.

Things I’ve learned

  • 90-min Work blocks: We can basically work in only max 90 min periods. After that you need to take a real break before you can be productive again. (Tony Schwartz, the Energy Project) I’ve actually found that 45 min spurts work for me.
  • Physical tied to mental: When your breath is shallow, it means you are anxious. I’ve been doing the Anxiety Headspace pack and have been paying attention to the quality of my breath. It’s nice to have physical cues to help you understand your mental state.
  • Fun fact! The Momofuku chain was named after Momofuku Ando, the inventor of instant ramen.

Things I’m trying out:

  • Killing expenses! I was inspired by the financial independence movement by one of my friends. I have been looking at all my spending to understand where I can cut things out without feeling deprived, bookmarking $6k in savings for the year. To make this tangible, I opened a separate savings account to put that savings in, so I can see it grow. This has made if fun!
  • Daily fennel tea— it’s helping my digestion and keeping me more focused (instead of wanting to eat 24/7).

Ok, proud of myself for actually writing this! Stay tuned for next week!