The numbers are in — Radio launch slows streaming demand

Any question about the demand for radio transmission of LM Radio, in Gauteng, have been answered. The numbers tell the story.

Rather than having to stream LM Radio, listeners are tuning in on the recently launched, 702 kHz AM LM Radio service, in Gauteng. The figures below indicate Internet listenership (Streaming) in South Africa has suddenly dropped since transmission commenced, whereas in the previous periods, Internet Listenership had shown steady monthly increases. This is great news for LM Radio & CEO Chris Turner.

Importantly, smartphone (app) listenership has continued it’s positive growth trajectory and has accelerated since the official launch. We will be monitoring this welcome development.

Since the official launch (3 June 2017) Chris’ statement, identifying the fact that there was no commercial radio stations in S.A catering to baby boomer, appears to be spot on.

LM Radio is designed to satisfy the over 40’s whilst still appealing to the younger generation. The music comprises familiar easy listening hits, covering rock, pop, jazz, country and big band music from the 50’s to the 80’s as well as current music of the same style and flavour. The radio station prides itself on engaging entertainment with more music.

LM Radio can be heard in Gauteng on the Medium Wave frequency 702 kHz AM. New AM technology has been refined, and is much easier to tune in to whether in the car, office or even on the move.

So, tune in to LM Radio for more music as they bring back a million memories on 702 kHz MW (AM) and the familiar jingle…”Have a Happy Day”

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