I’m a NEW Christian.

My journey was really amazing! Meeting new friends, acquaintances, persons that you can treat as family member(tito and titas) and even new boyfriend. I was born as a Roman Catholic and my family was committed on being one. We even have chapel beside our home in the Philippines but I’m a kind of person who is so adventurous and I question everything. I began soul searching here in Norway while sinning a lot. Yes. I committed a lot of mistake in the past while I’m searching for what I really liked. There’s a lot of bad circumtances came and I didn’t realize that I’m becoming a bad person. My goal to be a good person here in Norway became a trash but God never gave up on me. He used people to correct all my mistakes. He used circumtances that can make me realize that I’m doing wrong. He is just amazing in my life. Grace. And so, I became a Christian. I am renewed.

Now, it is difficult to be a Christian.

Anyone who tells you that committing your life to Christ makes your life easier is not telling the truth. Fulfilling, yes. More joyful, absolutely. But easier? No. In some ways, life gets more difficult after we come to Christ. The struggle against sin is more pronounced, for one thing. Laziness, gluttony, swearing, anger, envy, self-centeredness, materialism, covetousness, intimacy issues — the temptations seem never-ending. The world, the flesh, and the devil don’t go away because we have stepped into a relationship with Christ.

Being a Christian is difficult because we must now confront our lives from a different worldview that comes with a new set of values — God’s values. We are immersed in a world system that trumpets its ideals and slanders anyone who demurs. Before we are saved, we accept what the world says without even thinking about it. We don’t know anything else. After we are saved, our eyes are opened to the truth, and we can perceive the lies of the world. Fighting against those lies can be difficult.

Being a Christian is difficult because, once we are saved, we are suddenly swimming upstream, against the current of the world around us. Though our appetites will change, our sanctification can be a difficult process. Friends no longer understand us; our families question our new involvements and associations. Those we love often feel rejected, angry, and defensive. They don’t see why we can no longer continue in our old ways.

Being a Christian is difficult because it requires growth. God loves us too much to let us stay the same. Growth can be painful at times, and we usually don’t like to leave our comfort zone, but positive change is always rewarding. As we grow in Christ, we realize that God isn’t just desirous of our conforming to a set of rules. He wants all of us; He wants a crucified life, given totally to Him. We learn through obedience and trust to find rest in His guidance.

Being a Christian is difficult because we must constantly say “no” to our own fleshly desires and yield to the Spirit. We learn to handle conflict with grace, instead of through retaliation. We learn to forgive, rather than hold grudges. We learn to replace the vacillating emotions we once called love with true, unconditional love. We grow through the opportunity to die to ourselves daily, to become obedient.

Being a Christian is difficult because you need to be like Jesus. We need to be kind and show love to the unlovable. Even though they persecute you, backstab you, do things that can hurt you, speak false accusations about you, judge you. You need to be kind just like what Jesus did on the cross. It is really hard for me because sometimes I hear many stories regarding my past but God gave me this patience and strength to resist vengeance and to be quiet and just pray for them. It’s hard but with Him, I became more peaceful, and happy.

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