Censorship on Twitter

Social media platforms, such as twitter, guarantee the right to freedom of speech to its users. However when twitter intered by not only removing the James Foley video but also removing the accounts of users that were sharing the video has violated the core of twitters Rules and Regulations as the video does not in fact break any of those rules.

Photo depicting the beheading of James Foley.
A message from Jim’s mom.

Twitters decision to remove the Foley video maybe considered as an act of paying their respect to the Foley family and their friends; because well lets face it no mother wants to see a video of her child being decapitated or have that be a trending topic on social media. Twitter may have sympathized with a letter found on a social media platform that might have caused the removal of the video. Also the removal of the foley video is a win for the people who are fighting ISIS and its rising influence on social media spreading terror to homes of everyone. To add this decision supports the country’s policy on war and terror.

However, acting upon emotion rather than logic has caused twitter to break one of its most important rules. In the process of deleting the Foley video, twitter disregared its promise to freedom of speech and twitter took the users right to watch or comment about this video away when they deleted the accounts of users that had shared the video.The decision of taking down the video does not remove the video from the internet and the terror of ISIS does not disappear with the removal of the video; because once something is posted it is nearly impossible to remove it completely from the internet. In addition taking sides on this issue may cause futur problems for Twitter because if another instance of censorship occurs on their social medium then twitter is deciding what its users can view or share and what they cannot; in this case twitter will lose its authenticity and its transparency.

The decision of removing the James Foley video caused a tip in the scale of freedom of speech and social responsibilities making this decision unjustifiable and a case of censorship where twitter is contradicting itself. This matter could have been avoided if twitter were to respect their own Rules and Regulations instead of acting upon respect and individual intrest.