We’ve profiled some of the most interesting and exciting talks, announcements, and new features we saw during the two-day conference

Early last week, the Udacity Robotics team attended the GitHub Universe conference at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. During the two-day conference and one-day hands-on workshop, GitHub demoed their latest features to developers from all around the world, who gathered to talk about code and to celebrate GitHub’s ten years of accomplishments. As a developer—particularly a Robotics Software Engineer—GitHub is the first tab you open in the morning and the last tab you close at night. It’s almost like your second home. So we were all naturally excited to come and see GitHub’s latest features. …

We’ve received the first submission for the KUKA Robotics Challenge, and deployed it on a real 6-DOF KUKA arm located at the KIT learning lab in Germany!

Earlier this month, we launched the KUKA Robotics Challenge in partnership with KUKA and the Learning Lab at KIT. The challenge is open to students enrolled in our Robotics Software Engineer Nanodegree program, and the winner receives a one-week, all-expenses-paid trip to Germany. They’ll visit the new KUKA Udacity Learning Lab at KIT, and attend the NVIDIA GTC Conference in Munich.

The Challenge

Participants in the KUKA Robotics Challenge will compete in a race to navigate a real KUKA iiwa robot, equipped with a Schunk gripper and Roboception camera, through a physical 2D maze. …

Karim Chamaa

Have a passion for Robotics! Currently working as a Content developer on the Robotics team at Udacity.

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