And why it is extremely hard to leave Islam …

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Issam Madkouk / Getty Images — Muslims praying during the Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca

The 23rd of May was the last day of the Arabic month of “Ramadan”. In that month I “fasted” from dawn to sunset for 30 consecutive days, and yes, not even water is allowed !

Islam is a tough religion to follow and sometimes you ask yourself…

“This is very hard, why am I doing that ? why am I still a Muslim ?”

Whenever I ask this question I found myself sticking hard to Islam which made me so curious to find out why …

I am a very critical, skeptical, and analytical person, for me “nothing goes without questioning”, If I wasn’t born in Egypt probably I would have been an atheist by now. At the moment I live in a western country so there is zero peer-pressure on me and I can just do whatever I want without any consequences. What makes someone like me find it very hard to consider leaving Islam! …


Karim Ouda

Freelance Consultant — Data & Product. Writing about Data, Entrepreneurship and Life. https://karim.ouda.net

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