Part II: Imagery of the sinful woman

The artistic reception of the so-called Fall of Man clearly testifies to how differently this story was told.

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Adam and Eve, Franz von Stuck, 1920–26, Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main (©Städel Museum CC 4.0).

Images formulate the diverse views of gender characteristics and question a natural hierarchy of men and women. The motifs of the so-called Fall of Man seem to be well known and understood, but an art-historical look at them shows that it has been only some church interpretations that misogynously interpret a cross-cultural scenario.

Female artists provide us with an alternative view of how they are understanding themselves as ‘images of women’.

(For textual background see Part I: Eve, the seduced? …

Part I: A story of awareness and emancipation

From the interpretation of the original Hebrew texts by the Latin Church to an understanding of the Enlightenment and contemporary positions.

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Stanza della Segnatura for Pope Julius II., Raphael, 1508, Fresco, Detail, Scene: Adam und Eva, Vatican (

Man and woman as Adam and Eve. Their story has been told and heard multiple times. We seem to know how the Bible describes these first moments of humanity: God creates Adam, then Eve out of his rib, and after that Eve spoils the paradisal stay with her unrestrained lust for the fruit of the forbidden tree of knowledge.

This story, which is actually an interpretation of the original texts, vouched for the discrimination against women in societies influenced by the Christian church. …

A personal take on why clearing our mind is so important — and difficult.

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Image: Private archive

We hear a lot about the positive effects of meditation and awareness practices. But what do these techniques facilitate?

They help us to empty our thought-bucket. What do I mean by that?
We are always subject to our conditioning and education, our psychological shaping, and dispositions. These factors are not to be underestimated and every person has his or her individual challenges when it comes to the mind and psychological well-being. That said, I simply want to encourage an empty-minded basis in terms of everyday experience.

Why should that be valuable? …

How ancient concepts can broaden our understanding.

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Credit: (gorkhe1980)

Time. We carry it within us. Our body is subdued to it, but our thoughts as well try to kidnap us from the present moment — the future is planned meticulously and we brood over the past. This ability is an integral part of humanity and has led to great inventions. But it is becoming an increasing burden for many people.

Eastern traditional practices, such as meditation, are a suitable means for many to find their way back into the here and now. To feel themselves again and leave the thought bubble.

Is meditation able to bring us closer to the present? Helping us to temporarily refrain from the demands that time places on us? And what is the foundation of this millennia-old practice? …


Karima Knickmeyer, M.A.

Besides my professional interest in art and cultural history, I am curious about philosophy, religion, health, and environmental issues.

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