Low Information Diet

Do we really need to be up to date ?

Credit: Matt Popovich — Unsplash

A while ago, I decided to do an experiment: go on a low information diet. Being the information buff that I am, I thought that it would result in a disaster, that I would become somewhat of an ignorant but to my surprise that was the last of my concerns (and no, ignorance is never a bliss but selective ignorance is).

When asked about why we consume news while following the 5 Why rule, shit hits the fan pretty fast as the most likely answer would end up being ‘to stay up to date’ but if we think more profoundly about it we find that the need for news is in fact a virtual, nonexistent one.

Personally, after many iterations, I started substituting newspapers and blogs for books. In other words I traded breadth for depth.

While the need for information differs from person to person I think that it’s time for us to question whether we really need such quantity of information. It’s time for a more conscious information consumption.

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