Karim Kassem
May 4, 2017 · 2 min read
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K sits upright on a stool in his kitchen, gazing at the nothingness as if he isn’t present just yet. His eyes preoccupied with atoms laying on the island before him. A hint of remembrance however, leaves a trace of hope somewhere within his world. The sunset had taken over the skies, shaping a capacity of dimensions within K’s faded reasoning.

The light, softly brushes itself against K’s figure and grazes the walls behind him leaving a faint shadow afar. It seems as though the sunlight is bounced off of glass buildings in the distance, except it seems as though it is not. The blaring sound of an intercom behind his very presence rains on his silence but it doesn’t seem to trouble him enough. He ignores it although acknowledges the cry and potential urgency from downstairs. Who cares?

His earphones lay raveled like sunflowers on the island, shaping a modest voice in the rather hushed environment around K. The sound of music slightly muted and still apparent. K pulls out a cigarette from one of the island’s drawer and places it between his dry lips. They need watering, so do his plants across in that corner. A flame followed by an exhale of puff pulls K’s eyes to the exterior via a window that reveals a nearly vacant street with minimal passerby’s.

The humans below walk on their own land and K pans his head to watch. There are many transients, yet one stands on the curb with his hands in his pockets and earphones placed where they should be. K notices this man and shifts his focus to him. As if he was ever focused at all. K takes another long drag, burning chemicals into his soul. And so he grabs his tangled earphones and places them against his ear canals until he begins to discern some ambient dance music.

Moments later, we reveal two others in the room with K on either sides. One is a young woman in her mid 20’s dressed in overalls and another young woman also in her mid 20’s in jeans and a black bra. We cannot see their faces as they stare out the window, just like K is.

They all realize, the man outside is listening to the same music as K.

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