Dear Fly,

Karim Kassem
May 25, 2016 · 2 min read
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The only thing I recall at that diner was finding a little fly pedaling through my straw.

Dear Fly, you have just placed yourself in a wormhole without knowing, but that’s okay. I will make sure to save you before you drive down the wrong lane. A 50/50 chance of either drowning or escaping yet you have no idea what’s on either side. I do appreciate your curiosity and your ability to squeeze through unlikely openings but you really must be careful once you do so. The feeling is mutual oh fly, I truly sense I am in the same position as you are right now. You see, things may not always be the way you want them to be. I have been traveling around this city not knowing anyone, not even myself. I have also squeezed myself into these little circular holes without knowing if I’ll end up in the ditch or not. I’m certain you will make the right choice even though it’s not entirely in your hands. Stop and think for a second or two, and seek an answer. The ledge of the straw where you stand, where I see you, is curved just like our paths. That ribbed part of the straw. I’m telling you fly, I completely understand you. There are higher powers, like the rest of our brains, so use them. Before you decide to continue to pedal, allow me to pull you out of this long straw and have you avoid crashing into the acidic liquids of millionaires. Help me help you, please. The sun is almost up and a new day is about to commence. Don’t tell anyone we had this conversation. I have to go now. Be wise. — Karim.

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