A Vote for Change: Jeremy Corbyn’s Plan of Action

Today afternoon at 14:20pm Jeremy Corbyn made his first speech as a Labour Leader in Brighton. The live speech was broadcasted by the BBC News and outlined Labour’s plan for the future. Jeremy Corbyn repeated his wish for “Kinder Politics” and received a massive ovation when he addressed the public and the whole nation with his enthusiastic words: “The British don’t have to take what they are given.”

Jeremy Corbyn’s attack at Tories and David Cameron spiced up his one-hour speech. He said : “Tories are attacking fundamental human rights.” And addressed David Cameron on a few occasions asking him to stop the beheading of Saudi teenager Ali Mohammed Al Nimr. Corbyn’s next topic of foreign affairs was the situation in Syria, which he claimed was “The worst human crisis since the Second World War.” He followed his discussion with a humanitarian message. “Lets reach a hand of humanity to them.” He praised the work that is undertaken by British Army and the doctors battling the crisis of Ebola, however he made a quick stab by stating his disagreement of spending thousands of hundreds of pounds on nuclear weapons. During his live speech Jeremy Corbyn did a good job at outlining everything that is wrong with the current situation of Britain but one may wonder what were his solutions? He said; “Change the party, change the politics.” The reoccurring message of “Kinder Politics” and “A caring society” seemed to be the answer. He outlined the undercurrents of labour’s plan by “Coming together and changing things.” He said: “I want an open debate in our party.” He mentioned his wish for inclusive politics and including young people who are fizzling with ideas. He stated that housing is his top priority and introduced the idea of Council House Programme. He discussed the reasonable rent prices and increased funding for children and young people as his top of the list of things to do. He said, “You may be born poor but you don’t have to stay poor.” The end of his speech was followed by a massive applaud in Brighton.

The online media platforms exploded quickly after the speech. Thousands and thousands of tweets showed an honest response from the people across the country. Many were very supportive of Jeremy Corbyn’s speech @jesslinworld tweeted, “Never thought I would hear a party leader laying out a vision I could totally believe in.” However many seemed unsure of Jeremy Corbyn’s ability to fulfil his action of attack. One example was @whenwisdomfails: “Corbyn is a nice guy but not radically new he has an old Marxists view with good rhetoric that will fail in action.”