EU Referendum of 2017: The question remains

The topic of EU referendum is heating up as Mark Carney from the Bank of England is preparing to make a speech tomorrow in St Peter’s College in Oxford about possible effects of EU withdrawal. The EU referendum is to take place before the end of 2017.
There is an ongoing discussion about the possible effects among students, workers and the general public. We took it to the streets to see what the public truly thinks.

Much to our surprise the public’s opinion is strongly one sided. “I believe in unity,” commented Simon Scardanelli, a British musician. Scardanelli highlighted that Britain is stronger as part of the EU and not on its own. He followed with a strong statement: “It will affect all of our lives. If Britain left the EU we will become a little island nation that has to put its barriers up.” And according to Generieve Rogis, an Australian student in London, it would have financial consequences. “I think it would be economically disastrous”
This was supported by Edward Poler and Matt McCue, both working in commercial property, they too agree that the UK should stay inside the EU. Poler said: “I think if we can, we should try and stay, if it benefits trade, and then we are stronger together”

When asked about any advantages of leaving the EU Poler said this: “You don’t want to be totally dictated by Brussels. And just the expenses, on top of the national governmental expenditures, it’s massive, isn’t it?”
Interestingly McCue supported his colleague’s comment. He said: “For such an enormous budget […], you don’t know who is in control, how they get elected, with the European elections once every few years.” Poler agreed: “What are the consequences of leaving of or staying? I just think it’s so complicated, the average person on the street doesn’t know enough about it.”
A lack of information seems to be the main concern. Genevieve Rogis an Australian student studying in the UK believes there is not enough information about the issue. This was supported by Scardanelli who commented “No, absolutely not, I don’t feel there is enough information. Also there are UKIP and right wingers who are assholes that have and will put out misinformation so there is going to be a lot lies being told.”