Russia Bombing Non-Isis Groups in Syria

Russia has approved bombing in Syria. Russia’s Interfax news agency has confirmed that Russia has hit Isil targets in Syria today.

Roland Oliphant from the Telegraph writes that this comes as a huge domestic significance. He writes, “For many years Russia has condemned Western military intervention in places like Kosovo, Iraq, and Libya as illegal, short sighted and counter productive.”

However a quick response followed this statement by Valentina Matvienko the speaker of the Russian upper house parliament. She said:“ We proceed from the fact that first of all it is in the interest of national security of Russia for many reasons.” Ynet news, a Middle East news website has supported Valentina Matvienko statement. Alex Fishman writes : “The Russians do not harbour offensive intentions towards Israel or other sovereign states in the area and their main stated goal is ISIS and preserving Assad’s rule.” However there has been an outbreak in the news stating that Russia is now boming Non-Isis Groups in Syria.

There has been a video posted by Micheal Horrowitz from Levantine Group of Russian jets bombing Talbiseh a Non-Isis town in Syria in which at least 6 kids were injured. Watch the videos here; Eliot Higgins from Kings College London’s Department of War followed this with many tweets. He said: “Russia bombing non-ISIS opposition groups in Syria is as surprising as the Sun being in the sky.”

Vox Explainers write that Russia’s involvement in Syria may be aimed partly at Iran or a grand bargain with the West and not their original plan of action to attack only ISIS groups in Syria.