Isn’t It Time That Working Moms of Color Got Their Due?

Karina Cabrera Bell
3 min readMay 10, 2018


These are women that face challenges in the workplace and in life that are far greater than other groups — from lower pay to unfair biases. Yet, they still get things done. They make our businesses more profitable and our communities stronger. And they do it all while juggling huge family responsibilities.

Without a doubt, the world would be a better place if more mothers of color were in positions of leadership. Think about it. These women are master multi-taskers and creative problem-solvers. They are determined and resilient. They bring the kind of diverse set of perspectives that every organization needs to innovate ideas and improve performance.

One of the most important industries today is technology. Quite simply, tech is changing everything about how we live, learn and work. But it is no secret that this sector has had a diversity problem. It’s been true for decades and won’t be solved overnight. However, there are some incredible women right now who are doing something about this problem, through their leadership and their example.

They deserve to have their stories told. That is why my organization, Reach Mama Network, has released our list of “Top Moms of Color in Tech You Should Know.” These “rock star” mothers are executives at huge companies like Google and Salesforce, as well as founders of emerging businesses like Court Buddy and Grad School Hub. They generate billions in revenue and manage teams of all sizes. In total, their work is making a difference all around the world.

We chose these women because they are thriving in their jobs, yet still found time to be incredible mothers and give back to their communities. More women and girls of color need to know that these stories are possible. Let’s face it: they look at an important industry like technology and, too often, don’t see faces like theirs. That’s why I started Reach Mama. Our mission is to tell these stories and provide others with the support and the tools they need to become the leaders of tomorrow.

With Mother’s Day coming up, let’s take a moment to celebrate these extraordinary women, and all the mothers out there who are getting things done at work and at home. And let’s continue working to ensure that more mothers of color get the opportunity to serve in leadership positions. We all would be better off.

Top Moms of Color In Tech You Should Know:

Lisa Sheete Tatum — Founder & CEO, Landit

Rinki Sethi — VP of Security Operations & Strategy, Palo Alto Networks

Sysamone Phaphon — Founder/CEO, Filmhero

Ritu Narayan — Founder/CEO, Zum

Kimberly Bryant — Founder/CEO, Girls Who Code

Andrea Guendelman — Founder /CEO, BeVisable

Kirstina Jones — Founder/ CEO, Court Buddy

Catalina Ruiz-Healy — Founder/CEO,GradGuru

Mary Spio — Founder/CEO, CEEKVR INC

Sandra Lopez — Vice President of Intel Sports Intel

Beena Ammanath — Global Vice President for Big data, Artificial Intelligence
and Innovation, HPE

Lilian Rincon — Director of Product Management, Google

Sarahi Salamanca — Founder/CEO, Dreamers Road Map

Lindsey Olier Barnes — Head of Marketing Brands, Oculous

Michelle Davenport — Co-Founder, Raised Real

Meena Harris — Head of Strategy & Leadership, Uber

Ayori Selassie — Product Marketing Manager, Salesforce Einstein

Sacha Xavier — Director of Media, Ubisoft

Sherice Torres — Marketing Director, Google

Kim Williams — Director of Experience Design, Indeed

Valarie Arismendez — Vice President People and Culture, Postmates

AJ Thomas — Vice President People and Culture, Auction

Kavitha Radhakrishan — Head of Product, Dropbox Paper, Dropbox

Victoria Tung — Director of Government and Public Affairs, Texas Instruments

Divinity Matovu — Community Program Manager, Lyft

Sharanya Srinivasan Growth Marketer — SEO, Content, CRO RetailMeNot, Inc.

Desiree Garcia — Product Designer, Automattic

Karina Montilla Edmonds — Google Cloud University Lead, Google

Merritt Anderson — VP of Employee Experience and Engagement, Github

Tamika Young — Head of Consumer PR US & Canada, Spotify

Lorena Valentin — Professional Service Manager, Medallia



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