By 2050, the world’s population is expected to grow to 10 billion, and the impact of climate change will become more visible and tangible. Farms have already begun to prepare for the harsh conditions of the future. Drones, robotics, AI and big data help farmers increase the volume and quality of crops with minimal environmental damage.


Computerization is gaining popularity in agriculture — digital systems make it possible to select the right amount of water and fertilizer for each plant so to increase yield. For example, the California winery Gallo, which, together with IBM, developed a new smart irrigation system

Environmental awareness and friendliness. Definitely the most useful and reasonable trend in the recent years. Today, this trend is not something extra or luxurious but a harsh reality. It is a widely known fact that the level of pollution in cities significantly exceeds all norms, and the amount of plastic in the world’s oceans is simply incalculable. Ecology is no longer an option, it's a necessity.

The situation is more than tragic. According to the UN, today every inhabitant of the planet produces around 740 g of garbage every day. At the same time, the country range of this indicator…

Many of us want to help Planet Earth, but do not know how. Actually, instead of getting into war with large corporations and irresponsible governments one can help to save the planet just starting with simple non-energy-consuming things.

Spoiler alert: you will be amazed by how easy it is!

  1. Say no to plastic bags at the checkout: get a nice rag shopping bag instead.
  2. Try to avoid plastic bottles and develop a habit of carrying a reusable flask.
  3. Do not buy/use plastic straws. Most of the time they are really useless.
  4. Pierce plastic bottles before discarding them. …

I was inspired to watch “Mary Queen of Scots” by my unconditional love for Justin Chadwick’s magnificent drama “The Other Boleyn Girl”. And in principle, by great sympathy for the British royal theme.

Not how it turned out! Instead of another beautiful historical drama, I got a total brain takeaway.

What is the movie about? Once upon a time there was Mary, an "advanced" queen. In her cruel age, she already understood everything about women and minorities, and stood guard over human rights, in particular — of her own. And for that she, being ahead of her time, suffered from…

Sounds unbelievable, doesn't it? However, the giant cluster of small plastic particles the size of France can become a real state thanks to the LADbible 2017 campaign. It already has its own currency, postage stamps, passports, and first citizens.

The so-called “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” has already long existed in the Pacific. In fact the Trash Isles resemble a giant accumulation of small plastic particles; they are also sometimes called the “garbage continent”. It is impossible to walk along this “continent”, it is not visible from space, the stain of garbage formed by ocean currents is too rarefied. …

The first line from The Doors song 'The Spy' resembles exactly how I felt watching ' The Dreamers' by Bernardo Bertolucci. Youth, dreams, sex, freedom… And the audience, spying from the other side of the screen.

It is difficult to even try to describe what I experienced during this 116-minute motion. Sometimes it felt extremely weird and then a minute later I can't stop sighing from the beauty of the picture — the human body, the life of the vault, the naive childish looks. …

What do I know about Argentinian or Latin American cinematography? Well, almost nothing. As a kid a watched several Brazilian series like O Clone (but who didn't?) and then I also came across Relatos salvajes as I am a big fan of crazy plots and almanacs.And that was it. But it is not my past experience that I wanted to share. Several nights ago I was in the mood of watching something alien and dramatic and remembered a friend's short review on El secreto de sus ojos. Gave it a try and oh god I was fascinated!

The gratest thing…

For a long time, I was putting Kerouacs masterpieces (yeah, that is the word) on the long finger. But finally, I managed to gird my loins, stopped complaining about having no time to read for my own pleasure and bought the famous Vanity of Duluoz (It is actually strange to start learning about Kerouac with his last book). However, I was more than happy to investigate this man’s soul from the perspective of this autobiographic piece.

Is it even legal to be so talented and charming at the same time?

It seemed like I was not actually reading a book by a world’s famous author. It was more like talking to a stranger in…

The way I learnt about this movie for the first time was quite offbeat. I was channel-surfing when all of a sudden I bumped into the final scene of “Only Lovers left alive”. The picture stuck upon my memory for a long time, so when a good friend of mine advised me to watch one of his favourite director’s movies, I recognized the characters right away and hurried up with watching. Never regretted it!

Let’s move to the film itself. Yes, it’s about vampires. However, it is not a typical vampire movie. There is no violence, insane bloodsuckers or any…

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