A Love Story

We were walking together to get back home. It’s already dark and cold. How a typical 5 pm looks like in winter. We were talking about whether it’s important to be a romantic partner. Or, in this case, in a guy. And in case you wonder how we could talk about something like that, it’s because we had been watching The Notebook together the night before. Yes, it’s my idea. Yes, he wanted to watch it with me. Then, he suddenly stopped by a small shop nearby his home. No one seemed to be there. I thought it was already closed.

“I wanted to buy you flowers”, he said shortly.

I laughed and I told him that it didn’t work like that. He didn’t seem to understand.

“You don’t buy flowers for your girl together with her. You supposed to do it without her knowing. When the girl least expects it, you come with flowers to her”, I explained.

He replied back,”But you know we’re always together.”

I said,”You just have to be creative.”

We walked hand in hand till home.

And that’s the end of what could have happened that day. I thought that’s the end of what could have happened that day.

We visited our friends in the other city after that. That evening was lovely. We got to be together, we had a nice conversation and a glass of wine, we took beautiful pictures with our friends — whom I can only meet once a year, and there were plenty of good songs in the radio on our way ride back home.

Just before I went out from the car, he asked me to stay a little while because he had something to say. I was nervous. The mix of excitement and fear. He looked at me and said a lot of things. It was the moment in which I was in a total silent and I just wanted to listen to him.

He said thank-you to me, for a wonderful year together, for willingness and dedication that I have put into this relationship. He believes the upcoming years will be even better. He told me how my presence in his recent year was so significant and brings many positive changes in his life. He told me he’s happy to be able to find me. He told me the good things that he’s able to see in me. He said he decided to do this in the car because he told me “I love you” for the very first time a year ago, in that car. He asked me in which day I would like to celebrate our anniversary in the following year. He asked me which day I like best, is it the day we first met each other, is it the day we went on our first date, or is it the day when we had our first kiss. All of these because he thought “maybe this kind of thing is important for Asian girl” — which I found very very thoughtful. He remembered every thing. And just when I was trying to comprehend his sentences and gathering my thoughts, he gave me a small box from his pocket. It was a necklace.

He said,”I would like to do this with flowers. But it was closed. I kinda do it in purpose. Now you really don’t expect this, right?”

I remembered nothing after that besides I had a giant happy smile on my face.

I wrote this down because I don’t want to forget that day.

One of the little moment in which love was no longer a difficult mystery, but a simple, realistic, and beautiful thing, in the way I could never think it would ever happened to me.