Building daily habit.

After watch Rachel Aust youtube channel, feel motivated to start correcting my daily routine that i find boring and so flat.

I start my journal, here, writing. I start my to-do-list for all things i wanna do in the morning, write down my goals for my work, planning my outcome-income and what i spend. Its feels nice to take control of what we wanna do and able to see clearly because we doing good at organize it. Busy people needs priority, so in order to seeing the priority, woman with full of dream, wishlist, and not independence enough to having house and make a proper life like me need to improve my game.

Nobody wants to stay the same, and get stuck with same problems. We need new formula, new theory that we try so many so we would know which one gonna work for improving our life.

I have so many dreams, and not know anything. I want to make more money to makes me can enjoy it, with plus- i want to contribute and explore myself until it reach the highest point.

I want to be someone known, for their contribution, influence and having more knowledge and not stop searching.

Life would be scary at 25. I hope i can make it well. Have being my true self by loving my self more.

I hope all of us have the opportunity, to enjoy life, to use our maximal potential and reach the sky.


Monday, 22 November 2016


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