Why everyone should take a gap year

The concern of unstructured time:

The prospect of having 18 months of unstructured time is terrifying and rightly so. (Since my school went online in March, exams got canceled, and lockdown hit, time off from formal education totaled to just under 18 months.) Given the last 18 years of most of our lives have been securely planned, putting your life on “hold” can feel like a silly idea.

A snapshot into my extensive gap year planning

The concern of missing out:

My advice:

The concern of falling behind academically:

My advice:

Benefits of a Gap Year

A new mindset:

  • an alternate view on the value of experiences
  • change in the value of time
  • finding purpose and motivations
  • breaking out of society’s expectations
  • meeting people from different backgrounds
  • becoming friends with older people
  • learning to talk to “strangers”, making neighborhood friends
  • traveling alone
  • learning to be comfortable in your own company
  • freedom
  • taking care of yourself
  • gaining financial independence

This next section is some stories from my year:

A snapshot into my travel planning
The stunning views of northern Hokkaido arctic drift ice



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