The Valley

Latinos/Hispanics taking over

Hi I’m Karina I live in the valley; San Fernando City to be exact. I have lived, known, breathed this city for 23 years now. I was born into a huge Mexican family, opinionated, loud family. I love my city even though it is portrayed negatively, looked down on, and consist of numerous close minded people. Besides all that, San Fernando has become my home and will always have a special place in my heart. Although I love the city I wouldn’t be able to stay here after I’m done with college; not because it’s bad but because this community doesn’t provide many resources. The racial/ethnic breakdown consist of 40% white, 3% black, 11% asian, 43% hispanic. I didn’t want just choose just stats about my city so I chose the San Fernando Valley which consist from Burbank to Pacoima. The beautiful San Fernando Valley consist of 16.2% below of poverty line. If ever interested in living in the valley you might want to know and be aware that $59,291 are medium income householders. I am proud to be few minutes or couple miles away from cities that you meet foreign people or just get a different perspective/mindset; the valley obtains 54% of Latin America and Asia.

The Valley is more of an urban community since it is in between Los Angeles, which consist of so many things to do and not to do. My parents migrated to the United States before I was born; I wasn’t even in the picture. They later strived to get their citizenship, they eventually got it and were able to work and start producing, started their life, and family. In the city of San Fernando the population is majority hispanics. I believe hispanics aren’t afraid as others are in different communities. Although Californians are sometimes “too cool to talk” I do believe we have each others back. An issue I see constantly is the close minds of so many people living here. I believe we’re all born to make a difference and have our voice be heard, so why isn’t everyone doing that and be proactive.

El Valle de San Fernando
Getting to know El Valle

I love trying new places and the valley in general provides so many places to try out such as coffee shops, new lunch places, etc. Thanks to Yelp I am able to branch out and visit areas from the valley I never knew existed; literally just 15–30 mins away from my home. Thanks to Google and Yelp I am more informed of what is out there. Thank you for taking time to read a small portion of who I am. This is my home, mi valle, mi raza.

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