My job as an interaction designer allows me to work from anywhere. I just need a proper internet connection (which can be a challenge on the go) and my laptop. Well, from time to time a power outlet is needed too.

I often get asked on twitter and other social platforms wether I am on a constant vacation and therefore never work. First of all, I’m running a web company — so yes, I do work actually quite a lot. I integrated my work and hobbies seamlessly into my life and from an outside perspective it might…

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2015 was quite a busy year. It started off slowly with a surf & work trip through Australia, after that I found myself traveling to many different places throughout the year. Most trips were business related, where I attended or spoke at conferences (London, Berlin, Hamburg, Schwerin, Hannover, Cologne, Seville, Dublin, Vienna). Besides Australia as one of the longer trips, I visited northern Ireland on an extended work & travel trip.

While traveling, I realised how dependent we are on the few items we take with us on a trip. With fewer items, traveling feels lighter and suddenly each individual…

Remote != Remote

— Timezone matters

This article covers my experience of working remotely from another timezone while running a business back home.

Note: The timezones below are calculated based on the time in Switzerland (Central European Time Zone UTC+01:00)

Running a remote business

Together with my three business partners I built a company where the work adjusts to our lifestyle and not vice versa. Our philosophy is that everyone of us should be able to work and live where and how they want. To reach that goal the most obvious decision was to become a remote company. …

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Some recommended places from around the world.

When traveling while working I rather stay in apartments than in hotels or hostels. Especially if I spend a couple of days or weeks at the same place. Because work is done much better if you have a big table to work on and a stable wifi.

How to choose an apartment?

Try to share the space with friends or co-workers with similar interests. If you sleep and work in the apartment, rather spend a little more per night.

  • Check the reviews and pictures
  • Ask for a proper Wifi connection
  • Look for a big table to work on
  • Try to have a separate room for…

My Procedure, Best Picks and Data Roaming Package Advise

There are a lot of good articles from people who share their experience of being a “Digital Nomad”, working and traveling the world. For example a good friend of mine Noel Tock shared his experience in “Lessons I learned on the road as a Digital Nomad” and there is another good article from James TurnerStop packing so much: The minimalist packing list”.

Most of the articles I read about this topic are written by men. But certainly women have different challenges and needs while traveling. …

Karin Christen

I didn’t find a path through life — I created one! I'm an Interaction Designer, Teacher & Managing Director at

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