Monday Morning Reboot

What’s the first thing we do when the computer is running a bit slow? Reboot it of course. Our minds and bodies need the same refresh in order for us to reflect, to think more deeply, or just to recharge. I like to do this by having as close to a non-tech day as possible on Sundays and to take a long beach walk. No headphones, no music, just the ocean breeze and sounds of nature. I find that it’s during this process that some of my most creative ideas come to me. I always feel refreshed and excited to jump into the week ready to put these new ideas into practice.

Sometimes however a refreshing walk isn’t quite enough, so that sent me searching for more, something a bit more than a 15 minute TED talk. In this search I discovered the Reboot website which contains some interesting resources, podcasts, and if you are really searching deep, a free 10-day bootcamp to Reboot. This site is career focused but from what I’ve read so far not nearly as cheezy as many other career focused sites.

As you head into the week, and with the official start to spring just around the corner, be sure to find time to for yourself and to find your own way to reboot. I’d love to hear how you do it, and what resources that have been valuable to you.