It’s Raining man, Alleluia!

I’ll tell you a story.

Today was a neutral day at 7am.

I didn’t know if was sad like yesterday or happy because I WASN’T feeling sad.

Then I decided to get physical. It’s been too much brain & heart and NO legs. NO muscles. A friend of mine once said: “Get Physical!”. So, I did.

I cleaned the house. I keep convincing myself it’ll hurt. I’ve been so lazy since I’ve started to grow, you know

To finish the cleaning with a golden star I set a huge cactus right in front of my bed. 70 cm high. I’m 164. magine. No conclusions, right? My advice: BRING PLANTS INTO YOUR LIFE!

PS.: I started to write for it started to rain. But things change when you start writing. My advice: Don’t begin from the title.

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