Guadeloupe is not only beaches, it’s also a culture

French Caribbean culture, is made with crossbranding of european’s, indian’s, and african’s influences.

In all schools in Guadeloupe, teachers say that our island has been discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492. I am not really agree with that, because when he arrived there a tribe named “Arawak” was lived there. But it’s an another topic that I will develop later.

When french settlers arrived in 1635 in Sainte Rose, they started to seed sugar cane. They were come from Britany (France), but they were not able to support the climate. The French government decided to search an another human resource. From this day, started the “triangular trade” between Guadeloupe, France and Africa. The way from Africa to Guadeloupe was not a cruise for African people. Most of them had to support hungry, anger, diseases… This people bring us music as gwo ka: there is 7 rythm in this african music, as you can see it in this video :

After this slavery perod, in 1848 frecnh authorities decided to stop slavery. But the settlers, wanted to find solutions to save their cane sugar trade. They find a new “human resources” indians. They lived as the african, but they were payed. They bring many important part of our culture : colombo dishes, madras fabrics and more.

So we can say that all this part of Guadeloupe was difficult to live to our ancestors, but now we can live in an amazing culture that bring us strengh.

So if you come in Guadeloupe you can visit this places :

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Temple Hindou :

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