I’ve Seen The Future. It Looks Like Appalachia.
Travis Lowe

Thanks from rural Scotland for your thoughtful article Travis. Many of the issues you speak to regarding automation, unemployment, loss of dignity and a resulting despair and lack of meaning for individuals and whole communities are the very same in small town Scotland and in our southern and European neighbours too. It’s at the heart of political disaffection here. And it’s far too easy for folks of relative privilege (those who haven’t yet been hit …) to dismiss people affected by these massive economic and cultural shifts as a problem, rather than as people deserving of respect and compassion. I am however interested in the idea of a Universal Citizens Income (as it’s called in these parts). Not a dismal subsistence level welfare handout but an actual dignified living income. I have a hunch that something like it, in tandem with much that you’ve pointed to (community sharing and local trading schemes) will be necessary. Sincere luck to you all over there navigating these times. We have more in common than divides us.

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