Danger of Walking on the Streets of Lebanon: women

One faces many troubles upon walking on the streets of Lebanon especially women. The first element of a women’s experience on the streets of Lebanon is catcalling. Catcalling is reported to have made most women feel uncomfortable and fearful. Catcalling is a form of harassment although many argue that men are just complementing women; however, not all men complement women when catcalling, some “complements” are inappropriate, and most catcalls make women feel that their personal space is being attacked. 
Furthermore, catcalls and street harassment are some of the reasons that some women are afraid of walking alone at night. Women are reported to be more fearful of strangers than men. Most women in Lebanon avoid walking alone at night and some parents do not allow their daughters to walk alone at night.

Links and sources:

Stranger Danger: Explaining Women’s Fear of Crime
By Hannah Scott



How might we ?

How might we decrease the danger of the streets in Lebanon for women ?

How might we spread awareness on the women’s experience on the streets ?

How might we educate men to make the streets safer?