Now that we’ve been on COVID-19 lockdown for several weeks, I’ve mastered washing my hands, putting on a face mask, and sneezing into my armpit. Or was that elbow? After endless days as a couch slug, I’ve finished watching everything Netflix offers. My single-day record is seven straight hours of TV and eating an entire quart of ice cream. Possibly more than a quart. In fact, I’m sure it was more. A quart is only 4 cups and that’s nothing, really.

Some of my friends have turned to me as their good-idea maven for meaningful activities. (They’ve often said, “Karin…

Karin Esterhammer

I am the author of “So Happiness to Meet You, Foolishly, Blissfully Stranded in Vietnam.” I’ve written for numerous publications, including the L.A. Times.

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