What if

*Writing assignment

Ashly and I were quietly tucked in the far right corner of the library, studying hard for our upcoming tests. Suddenly, the library door slammed shut.

The loud noise distracted Lillian from her work.

“It’s him!” I whispered to her in a cheerful way.

It was Conrad. He was absorbed into the game on his phone, paying no attention to the world around him. I stared at him for a while.

“Ashly, look at him. He will walk slowly toward to the left side of the library. Then he will lean his arms on the bookshelf and play video games. I bet he is waiting for his next class. Probably AP Calculus BC.” — I told her. Ashly apathetic turned back to Conrad. And he did exactly what I just said.

“Lillian, that’s sick. It must take you lots of time to know his habits, huh? Go ask him for the next dance party.”

“Stop it. I don’t like him that much. Just a slight crush. It’s gonna go away soon. Ashly, you know I scare of starting a conversation. And he doesn’t like me.” — I replied her sadly before go back to work.

Conrad was in some of the same classes with me. He is such a genius. His close friends called him “Straight A Student” with high respect. From studying to playing games, from debating to engineering, you can’t find any subjects that he isn’t good at. But he is also a freak: he cares about nothing but his laptop, games, and coding. His lover, or his crush? Well, all the anime girls in games. Unlike other needy students, who are always staying quiet, study in the room or just try to stay away from the social life, and being corky of their intelligence, Conrad likes making friends and going outdoor adventures.

Me, however; is kind of opposite to him. While Conrad talks a lot and likes sharing his opinions to everyone and extremely involved in debate activities, I would prefer to use pens and words to express my opinion. I like to stay in my room and writing, rather than go outside and enjoy the nature. Conrad uses the social network to keep in contact with his friends. I use the social network to show out my thinkings, my opinions. Sometimes the things I upload online are true, that was when I throw my true feeling to the social network like a trash bin, and other times, they are fake. I just posted there to see who was really know me and care for me.

The small sound of notification from my phone.

Conrad followed you.

CONRAD followed you.


I blinked twice. I rubbed my eyes again and again.

“What’ve just happened? My crush followed me on Instagram. Does it means anything?”

Different things were racing inside my head.

“Ashly, could you believe it? Conrad has just followed me on Instagram!!!” — I screamed excitedly through the phone.

“So? It’s just one more followers. Maybe he’s randomly following you. Or mistaken you with someone else. Let me give you an advice: Try to be friend with him, talk with him in person. IN PERSON, not through the social network.” — Ashly gave me advice like she is the master of love.

“Hold on, I’ve just say hi to him through Instagram.” — I disturbed her serious lecture while tapping to my phone.

“I’ll wait for him to start our conversation. I’m an anti-social person.” I argued with her.

“DON’T TEXT. Talk with him in person. By the way, an anti-social person doesn’t have a huge care to others. ” — She replied me immediately.

“Nah too late. Message sent.” — I chuckled.

Conrad was seen at 7.25pm

“Ashly, he was seen, but didn’t reply.” — I started to freak out.

“Lillian, calm down. What did I say to you? Let me tell the this. A person like him, who choose games and IT stuffs as his passion, are not gonna spend their priceless time to reply your stupid message. With him, the two numbers 0 and 1 and tons of coding functions are much more interesting than a girl like you. Again, make friend with him, behave and treat him like normal friends and you’ll be fine. Don’t rely much on the social network.”

Conrad hates me. If he doesn’t hate me, why didn’t he reply? But, he followed me on Instagram, so that doesn’t make any sense. Maybe, maybe she was right. I should be brave and try to make friend with Conrad like other students.

A few days later, I tried to talk with him first. Conrad was playing games when I walked by. Okay Lillian, let’s do this. Breath in. Breath out. Breath in. Breath out.

“Hey, Conrad! What’s that game?” — I nervously asked. I know there’s a secret rule that boys don’t want to be disturbed by playing games.

One, and two, and three … I counting every second while waiting for the answer. When I started to think he ignored my question, he replied without looking up from the phone:

“I’m sorry. I have to finish this match. What did you say, Lillian?”

At least he wasn’t that scary like I imagined.

“Clash of Clan. Do you know that game?” — He asked me.

“I do. My friend used to play Clash of Clan. He said that was such a good game.”

“Do you play any games? Or just study?” — He seems curious.

“I play Skullgirls. I like the music and design in that game tho.

I stopped typing. Someone just taps to my shoulder.

“Lillian, what are you doing?”

“Don’t you see that? Writing, of course. Silly.” — I answered without looking back.

“Chill out bro.”

Wait up. This voice was strange, but it was familiar to.

Please, not him. Please, not him.

When I turned back, Conrad was standing right behind of me.

Aw snap. It’s him. So that’s why this voice was familiar and strange to me at the same time. It was the first time he talks to me outside of our club. Before that, I only can hear his voice when he was chatting with his friends. What should I say now?

“Uhmmm… I was… I’m doing my English homework. Creative writing, I mean. I thought it was someone else.”

It’s really hard to say smoothly in front of someone you really like.

“Sounds interesting, I want to read it.” — Conrad pulled a chair and sat next to me. He read the whole story.

Oh nooo. I hope he doesn’t recognize I was typing about him. Please, Conrad. Just scanning the story, don’t read carefully.

Conrad smile. “Cool. You should keep working on that.”

“Not sure. I’m out of ideas right now.”

“Oh Lillian, you love reading books, right? Do you know Flipped?

“I do. Is that a novel about a girl have a huge crush on her neighbor. Then, when she tries to stop crush on him, the neighbor boy turns back to like her? That’s one of my favorite books. Did you watch the movie? It’s really good.” — I replied.

“Yeah, your stories remind me of that novel. Lillian, it might give you some ideas to finish this assignment.“

“Ey Lillian, if you don’t mind, share me the story when you finished. I want to know the ending. Good luck with your writing.”

Conrad left me in the huge questions: “Conrad, I thought you are so smart. Don’t you realize I was typing about you? Or, you realized and pretend like you didn’t?”

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