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I used to be a corporate girl. And I loved it. The fast changing dynamics of the industry, the extensive travel, running around in killer heels from global conferences to office celebrations. Work hard, play hard.

Four years have passed since I left those high-rise office buildings to become an entrepreneur. I run a small carpentry workshop building kids playgrounds. Am surrounded by stacks of wood and excited parents dreaming of the ultimate play area for their children.

I set my own hours, work when I need to, don’t work when I don’t.

True freedom, right?

Not a day goes by that I do not feel guilty.

Guilty when I enter…

You’re tired.

You’re exhausted and overwhelmed. Being in continous survival mode has drained you completely. Your battery is flat.

You know a jump start won’t do the trick, you need a proper break. If only you could get away from it all, pack up and leave for a change of scenery. For some downtime with your family. To play with your children, to have a conversation with your husband. To spend quality time with your loved ones, without any distractions.

Yes, a break! A family weekend away. That’s what you need. But how?

You can’t even start to imagine how to make…

HELP! My travel days are over!

You just had your first baby and everybody around you assures you won’t cross any borders (cities nor country) for years to come. Because you shouldn’t travel with toddlers. The experience is wasted on them and they won’t remember. They won’t get anything out of it.

Still, you’ve had the travel bug for so long…

Even thinking this raises eyebrows around you. Seriously, you shouldn’t travel with young children, because they might get sick. It’s not responsible.

Moreover, toddlers need routine. Travelling is too stressful and tiring for them, too many new impressions, too…

+ 8 Exercises on how to pluck up the courage

What? You purposefully inject danger into your child’s life? Are you insane?

I can hear you think. Worst case scenarios fly through your head in fast succesion. All those catastrophic consequences. So irresponsible.

Because what keeps us awake at night, what frightens us most, unites all parents:

The fear that we can’t protect our children from harm, or that
our children can’t protect themselves when we are not around.

So we child-proof the house, we lock away sharp tools, grandma’s silver is replaced by colourful plastic. …

Karin Louzado

Freelance Travel Writer. Perpetual optimist. Explored 50+ countries without losing my mind, wallet or kids. I help busy parents making Family Time easier.

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