Pathology of a Fake News Story
Leon Derczynski

Fantastic article. A friend of mine believes the Rothschild’s are ‘behind American Imperialism’. Her world view is one of ‘good guys’ and ‘bad ones’. She does not really understand what a multinational is, or globalisation, climate change or the internet. The vacuum is filled by this kind of bullshit. As a teacher I think education is the answer but even the education in school is tainted. When I was still in school, I was instilled with a feeling of guilt towards the third world but I was never explained how our and their economies interact. Had my generation understood more, we could have made a real economic impact instead of buying UNICEF postcards. In school we are not taught to ask real insightful questions, we are taught how to get a job. We (at least in my country) don’t show them the bigger picture, just what they ‘need’. We teach how to use the internet but we are not teaching them what the internet is and now net neutrality is ‘suddenly’ threatened in several countries. Big surprise. Luckily I can refuse cookies.