I camped out with a tech billionaire. The advice he gave me was priceless.
Adam Naor

When I look at pennybox I see an app that teaches parents and children discipline. I think that is more important than money. I’m a teacher and as a volunteer I help out with children’s homework. The great frustration is often that children and parents do not understand the necessity of discipline (until they’re about fifteen and it is really rather late to start working on it). It is a skill that needs to be taught from an early age but if the parents themselves have not mastered it, it can become a big problem. The parents are warm, caring and devoted to their children but they never needed the discipline to study because they got good jobs when they were young. These days are over. It’s a big change in the culture of such people. Some children find it easy to develop discipline. They are stubborn or perfectionist in nature, but others… Handling money is already a form of discipline for both parents and children. They have to make a deal and stick to it, both of them. Could you develop pennybox further to enhance the skill of discipline? (setting a goal (a new pair of sneakes), figuring out the steps to attain it (what chores and jobs can I do, how much money do I need), planning it (when do I have time, who do I approach) , doing it…Planning, time management, evaluations…). In my experience, discipline is key if you want to be good in school. Any set of tools you could provide would be gratefully accepted and tested. Thanks for the article and keep up the good work.

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