The Power of Link Love

In the SEO world, there are many factors that make a site rank highly for key terms. Once we’ve established which terms these are for YOU and strategically sprinkled them throughout your site like fairy dust, we start to build outwards from within.

Link Love is when you put a link from your site to someone else’s website, or vice versa to help promote them. BUT!!! It has to be done RIGHT.

It’s not just about any links pointing to your site, but the QUALITY of them, and how these are optimized.

Links are the fodder that Google et al thrive on to go zipping its bots around from site to site tracking which ones are relevant to certain topics.

This is our internet version of “voting” for one another.

It’s how we build our vast online network of collaborators, and most importantly, another way for us to consolidate our keyword value.

Quality inbound links help build your authority status and improve your position on search engine results, placing YOU in front of more people based on relevance. (tweet this)

I specify QUALITY because it’s not about any ol’ links. These need to be optimized too!

When I speak to clients about their Key Link Partners, I’m referring to the companies, sites and individuals they know who have a web presence and are willing to extend a link to our client’s sites. It’s a great starting point to build Link Love with.

It’s like referring someone to your business, but with a link to your site instead.

This is one of the things we implement from day one optimizing your website, and part of our on-going maintenance to keep adding value to your site and your customers who find you through the internet.

Are you giving and receiving website Link Love?


PS: Shout out to the great Pam Q for the inspiration to write this post while we were optimizing a post for her site,