The Treasures of Life

Karin Pinter
Apr 7 · 2 min read
Library of the Necropolis in Carmona, Spain — photo by Karin Pinter

When I was little, I couldn't decide between being a writer or an archaeologist.

So after contemplating a life of years in a desert scraping off dust with a small brush so as not to break fragile treasures, I opted for writing. This way I could travel to many places, museums and monuments, and enjoy the many discoveries that others had invested their precious time on this earth to uncover, whilst I wrote stories. This way, I could somehow participate in the discovery whilst expanding my horizons and visiting fascinating places.

What I have discovered after thousands of lifetimes since then, is that the human being is that very treasure chest full of gifts, virtues and qualities. Sometimes we open the treasure chest and find a well polished treasure that's ready to show itself to the world with pride and sass. And sometimes we find a fragile soul that needs to be brushed off with gentleness and kindness, because somehow it was never looked at or treated as brilliant, and with the wear and tear of life it questioned itself and gave up trying to shine.

Looking at these shelves full of books and publications about discoveries, they reminded me that we are all treasures waiting to be discovered and cherished. And once we think we’ve found them all within, we find some more, or someone else comes along and with a simple word or gesture shows us another one.

Today, and every day, there are treasures to be found.

Do you stop to look for yours?

Because you have them, and you are one.

    Karin Pinter

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    Author. Creator of Niki Owl.

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