5 Reasons Why so many College Graduates are Unemployed in Indonesia.

According to Bangsacerdas.com After receiving bachelor’s degree and then work in a big company with a promising salary is the dream of every student. But after they were studying at the University for 4 years and get a degree, there are many graduates who are not directly employed and are still waiting for the call to the interview process. It is also unfortunate is that many who do not channel the university student / her students to get job information according to the field, and at least five reasons why this will answer many graduates are still unemployed.

1. Weak Economic Growth

Indeed, based on the formula of international standards, the unemployment rate in Indonesia is only about 5.81%, is still relatively good, than for example the unemployment rate in France that breaks 9% or even more horror in Spain, 23%. Ideally, the unemployment rate should be 3%. If it is lower, it can be dangerous, because the industry or the company will be very difficult to find new employment.

So to achieve the ideal unemployment rate, it takes a significant economic growth, or about 8–10%. The latest data Indonesia’s economic growth was only about 4.7%. Still far from expectations. Economic growth is good enough to make the industry and companies are reluctant to expand. This means that the needs of new workers also remained. Appears the one row of massive unemployment Bachelor.

2. Too many graduates in the social sphere

In the homeland may be too many graduates majoring in social and humanities (economics, management, law, socio-political, literary, etc., etc.). In almost all universities in Indonesia must have the faculty of Law and Economics. Though probably needs two faculty graduates is not as much as the number of undergraduate graduation supplies. Over supply. Eventually become unemployed.

Likewise, thousands of social scholars graduated, and see the fact that they hold the title was not marketable. Eventually become unemployed again. On the other hand, we actually are very short amount of engineering degree (engineering). We are short of about 120 thousand engineers whereas there are thousands KM highway and thousands of megawatts of electricity that will be built.

World Bank studies show the number of engineering graduates a state is proportional to the progress of the nation. By percentage, engineering degrees in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China are very high. No wonder they become developed countries.

3. Bachelor who do not know anything

Apparently a lot of unemployment because of the bachelor himself who questioned his ability. That is a lot of Bachelor’s graduates control theory and intellectual capacity are not capable. Many people like to say, well, useless lecture was only in theory. This statement is rather stupid. To become a top scholar, a mastery over science theory of yours must be completed. You will not be may be a great professional if your mastery of theory shambles.

If you want to be a Marketing Manager is superb, so you have to really understand the theory of consumer behavior, branding theory and strategy theory. If you want to be a great HR manager you have to understand the theory of human capital, the theory of talent management, and so on.

4. There is nothing special.

If the third factor concerns the cognitive (intellectual power and mastery of science and theory), then this fourth factor involves tangible results: most scholars idle because it did not have something wow. Her life just flat, and too mainstream.

Already poor mastery of theory, plus during a student for 4–5 years, never produced anything worthy of a “sell value adder” in front of the recruitment team. Because today many companies have asked for anything more than the job applicants that are not owned by the crowd and it was very have value in the eyes of the company.

Many applicants which states that he has a high morale, honest, adaptable, etc. But everyone can do it and you need something that not many people have such as the ability to speak Mandarin or English so fluently both written and spoken. Surely the company would be interested in and you have more value.

5. Not Have Skill

Many graduates when they work in the company did not bring the knowledge that they had traveled for four years. And consequently not to the count of three months, the company does not continue his employment contract because it does not match expectations. However, if this trend continues, the unemployment rate in Indonesia is increasing.

Basically skill improvement can be done by a set of people and is not focused on student / student only. But if we look at a few more years of Indonesian society is literacy digital world and certainly related professions in the digital world will be much needed. This will require scholars to improve skills in order to compete.

Seeing the problem of unemployment that continue to take root because of the many scholars who released offhand and not distributed to the appropriate company, as well as lack of skills possessed by scholars raises the creative ideas young Indonesian to make plaform Bangsacerdas.com as online courses to increase skills that much takes on the world of work.

With a curriculum that has been structured and materials which must be applied in the world of work, expected after the course online at Bangsacerdas.com users will feel more confident and able to compete with other scholars.