Write Like a Human
Sarah Skaggs

I enjoyed your advice. Well put,well taken. I remember a book I read in college but it’s been a few years (maybe 35 or so), the Author’s last name was Zinger or Zinsszer (close as I can remember), he began, “writer’s write.” I chewed on that for several days, continuing to write through all my thinking on the subject and it dawned on me….exactly! Writer”s write. Simple. So simple a concept but it took me 3 days to go through all the possible complex confusing theories he must be referring to. It left me in quite a state finally I just had to let out out a little giggle which turned into a belly laugh that brought tears to my eyes. Gracious, how much I like to complicate things….and it’s so simple… Writer’s write! Again thanks for your article.

Karin Soderstrom

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