The Music Playlists of the 2016 Candidates
Peter Bandrowsky

I really enjoyed that and pressed follow so I can continue to enjoy your unique perspective of the upcoming election. Actually I found this publication yesterday when I read and watched the video of one of your peers, she had captured a gentleman, and I mean a gentle man with one leg walking down the street with crutches and then was victimized by the SF police. Right in front of her eyes, and now my eyes and all the eyes of those that views that video.It shocked me that very wary on before it turned into a circus, why didn’t one of the people walking there just say “HEY MAN HE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING” I totally don’t get that . I know she tried but as she said they are bigots and she is black. I wonder how they would feel if they were in a life or death situation and the hand reaching out to them was black, brown, red, or whatever and just as he was about to grab it the hand withdraws…ever so slowly…and he begins to see…. The hand is slipping back further…he can barely see the fingertips…he can taste the bitterness of hate on his tongue…and then the hand grabs him because …WHY?

Why? Because of the power of love. Love is stronger than hate. I have to believe that and I want to believe that. We , our government has spent too much time , effort, and money taking God out of the picture. That in my humble opinion is where we have gone wrong. That’s the only hope we have. That’s the only place to go to that can produce unsought enough forgiveness for what we do to one another. We ate all human. Could her actually beat that man and look at him in the eyes too? Well, maybe he can and that’s a statement about how deep rooted hatred is, so combating with love is going to require slot of loving something nobody wants to love. O don’t remember where exactly I was taught this but I was always told to HATE the sin not the sinner…that is so hard to do when the behavior is so ingrained that it SEEMS like one in the same. This seems like a task that requires more faith than I have. It’s only the case with a few behaviors but they are the one God is calling on me to work with and they often manifest together. One is addiction, I should say active addiction with no willingness to work towards a solution and the other is racism/ defining a person ,without knowing them by the color of their skin. Now, as if that isn’t bad enough, oh and not just color of skin, anything different according to the person sitting in the judgement seat. Hey, who gave you the right to DO THAT? We all judge every day, we have to, I drive into the city to an area I don’t know, I have to make a judgement it safe??? But there’s a difference between that and allowing an innocent disabled man walking down the street to be the victim of 14 police officers and DO NOTHING ABOUT IT…I WANT TO KNOW WHAT ACTION STEP I CAN TAKE THAT IS LEGAL, TO SHOW HOW DISSATISFIED I AM. I WISH I COULD LET THAT MAN KNOW HOW HEARTBREAKING IT WAS TO WATCH HIM BEING TREATED LIKE LESS THAN A HUMAN BEING. THE CITY SHOULD BE SUED FOR THAT TYPE OF BEHAVIOR. PEOPLE GET FINES FOR DOING LESS THAN THAT TO THEIR ANIMALS!!!!! HE HAS TONS OF WITNESSES !

So I’ve now read two articles from this publication and I am very happy I found it. You both are very talented writers and I’m going to look in archives and read more of your work.

Thank you in advance for listening to my rave for you guys and my rant SF police.

Karin Soderstrom