You know you’re a farmer when…
Tim Boucher

A college friend of mine has a father who maintains sheep on a farm as a hobby (he is a dentist by day). Once a year the family has a sheep shearing party. People who participate get t-shirts at the end of weekend.

There are a number of positions available for the sheep shearing event. You can manage the sheep which requires you to escort the sheep to the sheep shearer who removes all of their wool. You can also gather all of the wool and stuff it into 7 foot long burlap bags. Or you can have the most dreaded position of “poo picker", and hopefully you have gloves. The poo picker cleans the wool by picking off little balls of poo which is stuck to the wool. This is done before the wool is placed in the burlap sack. Anyone who is new to the sheep shearing weekend winds up as poo picker (it is an entry level position) and you hope to have gloves.

All in all, it is a fun weekend but you have to admit, most of us would probably wind up being the poo picker at least once and hope dearly for a promotion.

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