The Struggle Continues… and I Am Not Okay
Jessica Crowe

As others have said, you are not alone. There are so many of us who feel just sick about what went down at the DNC. You can know, intellectually, that there is corruption, but it doesn’t hit home until you have out your whole heart and soul into something, when you have been part of the belief that “if only” we could get millions of people to stand up and demand change, we could make it happen. Well, Bernie inspired millions of people — many more than the 13 million whose votes were counted — to stand up, get active, put in effort, vote, and DEMAND change — and the corrupt system slapped us ALL down.

That makes getting the influence of Big Money out of our government and getting fraud out of our elections my top issue. Citizens United and corporate personhood are the foundation of that issue, so that’s where a major portion of my focus is as I go forward as a post-primary Bernie organizer. I am so heartened that we still have a dedicated group of activists who are not just crawling off to lick our wounds, but are more committed to doing everything we can for change than ever.

One thing Bernie’s campaign did was show that an honest candidate could run a viable campaign — and that he could have run if the election had been run fairly. The strength of his grassroots support — US, you, me, and all the millions of us — forced the Machine to show its hand to put us down — they couldn’t just brush us aside without anyone knowing. It is no longer the realm of conspiracy theorists — ordinary people like us have seen the depth and breadth of corruption and we can never unsee it.

A blessing on you for all your hard work and for your heart and soul. We stand with you, and we will keep finding new ways to fight for fair and just government.

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