6.2 Meeting Stories

City Council Meeting Discusses Controversial Topics

Monday night the Lynchburg City Council disagreed on whether or not the chairman of the Metropolitan Zoning Commissions could relocate the city graveyard to make way for a supermarket.

Zoning commissioner Bobby Thompson had received a request from local developer Carl Erskine asking if he could use his own funds to relocate the graveyard and use the property for his supermarket.

Erskine tried to persuade the council by telling them about how rezoning the graveyard was a good idea for the whole neighborhood. “There’s not another supermarket for at least a mile and a half in any direction,” Erskine said. Erskine was questioned by several council members and then twenty people spoke to the local developer, mostly against rezoning.

Lynchburg resident Sarah Yawkey comented, “I just can’t believe you’d do this. Anybody who’d do this would steal the dimes off a dead man’s eyes.” After hearing the concerns of the townspeople, the council voted 5–2 against the rezoning petition.

One of the councilwomen also proposed to bring a one-cent sales tax to Lynchburg. Councilwoman, Wilma Rudolph stressed that the city needed the tax money very much by saying, “there is a chance that we’ll have to start laying off workers next year.” The city treasurer, Joe Black, agreed with Rudolph by saying that the financial situation of Lynchburg was not good.

The last item brought up at the city council meeting dealt with the licensing of morticians in the city. Councilman Mazeroski told the council that this proposal would find the annual license payment that morticians would have to give to the city.

“We don’t believe Mr. Mazeroski is correct when he says the state gives the city the power to do this,” Mortician Society President Don Blasingame said.

New Lead Sentence: Monday night the Lynchburg city council voted to decide if a new one-cent sales tax would be applied to the city in order to ease city debit and expand some services.

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